Beginning something new

A fluid list of reminders to get things started

Ground Rules

  1. Set timelines in batches - 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 6 months, 1 year.
  2. Be a facilitator of your teams shared perspective.
  3. Ask hard questions. Seek comfort in uncomfortable discussions.
  4. Create as much collateral as you can in meetings.
  5. First 60 days are about building motivation, confidence and synergy.


  1. Pick a target. Clear your brain. Focus.
  2. Assemble your program management, engineer and design team.
  3. Narrow your teams focus and minimize distractions from your target.
  4. Create a shared space for documentation, research, discussions.
  5. Write a mission that defines a 6 month to 1 year team milestone.
  6. Document questions from the team - categorize by implementation, business, design.
  7. Map critical experiences for exploratory validation
  8. Document the voice of real customers through interviews, surveys and experience research
  9. Iterate on experiences to incorporate the customers voice
  10. Prioritize elements that minimize time to market and public announcements
  11. Set a target date for the first significant releasee
  12. Ship to the market and learn quickly.