Fundamentals to Healthcare Innovation


You must know what your ambition is as a team and turn it into a vision of the future. An opaque vision will show its cracks within the first few weeks.


Time, team growth and product scaling bring one new chapter after another. Make the current mission clear while you prepare for the next. They can last weeks, months or years.


Languages, platforms, educations, cultures, literature preferences, hobbies, ideals. Expect the unexpected by creating the largest mindshare you possibly can through hiring. Get that sameness out of here and focus on navigating the healthcare web efficiently.


Tell stories visually to win internal champions and build external confidence. Storyboards, custom graphics, animations, human computer interaction, video editing. Bring ideas to life without engineering time and focus on electrifying interactions with visual aides.


Define success and plan only for its exact definition. Be ruthless in your decision making and willing to chase entirely new things. Create only as much planning process as is necessary to align teams and track your progress towards success.


Leave no room for teammates comparing themselves. Entire teams are created and destroyed based on their relevance as a unit; the team is the important thing and humility towards each other should be demanded.


Find the point where a concept is considered good enough as quickly as you can and do not set the bar too high. You must ship small units and push to ship faster every step of the way without giving into antiquated process.


Clinical input should be top of mind from the beginning. You're chasing reimbursements, moving guidelines and a complex network of point solutions. Experts are necessary and amazing to spend time with.


Live with the idea that your goal posts will be moved and respond with heightened curiosity. The objective is always to find the right target so you can move with precision.


When you don't spend time talking with your colleagues about the need to talk to your colleague for 90 consecutive days you've reached peek communication.


Turn ideation into an open exercise without boundaries based on titles or a position within a company. Debate ideas, not protocol. Look for positive additions in a colleagues thoughts the same way you do in customer interviews.


Perform due diligence and keep dependencies on others as simple as possible until enough clarity has been established and enough time has passed for contracts to support rapid delivery of a solution.


Everyone is paralyzed trying to create change in the US healthcare system. You just have to keep bashing your head against the wall and reset again for the next day.