Ender 5 Plus to Marlin Conversion

Grab my firmware and review commits for the expedited version

I decided to go with TH3D's Unified Firmware since they recently added beta support for the Ender 5 Plus. The Plus comes with the CR-10S Creality 2.2 board which makes flashing new firmware easy. The standard Ender 5 comes with a V1 board that requires you to burn a bootloader before you can flash custom firmware on to the motherboard. It's fairly involved when compared to the Ender 5 Plus that requires a USB cable and computer.

Enable TH3D's Ender 5 Plus Support

  1. Install FTDI drivers on your computer if you have issues communicating with the printer.
  2. Grab a copy of TH3D's latest Unified Firmware.
  3. Uncomment ENDER5_PLUS and ENDER5_PLUS_BLTOUCH macros in Configuration_beta.h to enable general support.
  4. If you try to build the project at this point you'll probably receive an error related to an LCD setting that needs to be fixed. You won't be able to reuse the stock Ender 5 Plus display with Marlin so I took the setting for the Ender 5 dual board and defined it as a CR10_STOCKDISPLAY to resolve build issues.

Fix the compilation issue by adding #define CR10_STOCKDISPLAY to Configuration_backend.h.

  1. Fix your E Steps by updating CUSTOM_ESTEPS_VALUE (my Ender 5 Plus is 96.09) in Configuration.h.
  2. Enable ENDER5_NEW_LEADSCREW in Configuration.h otherwise you'll only step half the Z distance you need to while printing.
  3. Build and flash the firmware.

Upgrade to TH3D's LCD

I highly recommend the LCD Upgrade kit available from TH3D. Quick to install and makes the experience of owning a modified Ender 5 Plus much better.

  1. Install the TH3D LCD Upgrade.
  2. Add #define REPRAP_DISCOUNT_FULL_GRAPHIC_SMART_CONTROLLER to Configuration_backend.h.
  3. Comment out #define CR10_STOCKDISPLAY in Configuration_backend.h.
  4. Uncomment RR_LCD_UPGRADE.
  5. Build and flash firmware.