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Technical Principal Program Manager

Technology & Research: Health Next

A personal passion connected to my own experiences with healthcare led me to an opportunity within AI & Research to leverage the diverse set of skills I have applied over the years. I've built and manage a team of program manager, designers and engineers on innovation efforts in healthcare.



Principal Group Program Manager

Cloud & AI: Visual Studio App Center

My interests in business, technology, sales and marketing led me to the program management within the App Center group. I eventually ended up managing a team that extended to three managers and 15 folks. Managing them through the growth and personal transition period was one of the most rewarding experiences.



Principal Engineering Manager

Cloud & AI: Visual Studio App Center

Joined my first large company to create mobile and desktop app cloud services for developers on the App Center team. I managed a team of 9 developers on CodePush, VS Code extensions for Cordova and React Native. Joining Microsoft after a break reflecting on my life was one of the best growth decisions I ever made.




Merged the devIO team and all its resources into ConnectSMART (est. 2008). Rewrote analytics platform using a SaaS model capable of hosting multiple tenants under one federated server farm. Managed the entire AWS infrastructure for over 500 Managed Service Providers mission critical operations.


devIO inc.


Started a small software consultancy working with large ISV's to expand SMB opportunities through deeper integrations with their daily tools. It was one of my biggest growth period and also the most challenging. I was far from perfect, but learned lessons that help me succeed today.



Director Application Services

Moved to New York to manage 12 software engineers developing business process management cloud software for non-profits and government entities within the Manhattan and Long Island areas. An unfortunate health issue cut my time short there, but I met great people and learned what it was like to be a developer in the big city.


Surrex Solutions Corporation

Solutions Architect

Experienced life as a management consultant working on proposals for new contracts, auditing technical implementation for multiple large companies and interviewing a significant number of personnel for our separate staff augmentation business.


van der Roest Group Inc

Senior Developer

Developed extensions for 3d Computer Assisted Design software. Designed and developed a product for integrating Autodesk's AutoCAD with Microsoft's SharePoint, which was later acquired by Autodesk. Engaged with multiple manufacturing and automotive customers on their needs.


Digital Interactive Systems Corporation

Lead Web Developer

Worked for one of the first three software companies with publisher agreements to distribute triple A games as downloads through the PC. Was privileged to lead a team of three developers on an e-commerce solution while we shipped a Flash distribution app on over 2 million HP laptops and desktops.


Primtetime Lending

IT Administrator

Inching my way towards a full-time software engineering job I spent some time being the IT administrator for a small 30 person company while I worked on loan origination software and consulting projects.



Network Engineer

A chance phone call from a friend led me down a Network Engineer path where I provisioned and supported custom VDS accounts, Cisco routers, multi-bonded DS1-DS3’s, DNS servers, mail services, spam filtering, tFTP server and Dedicated Customer Access Points.



First exposure to programming came with a new release of mIRC that supported scripting events and adding actions. As an internet relay chat addict I spent my first first years scripting in mIRC before moving on to various Microsoft and Linux (Slackware) platforms.